What did I think about the book?

A Tale Of Two Cities is a very difficult book for a reader such as myself who does not read regularly. It took some time (like 30 chapters) before I started to get used to reading this book. There are so many key details that are important to notice and are there for a reason, but they're so small it's easy to let them slip past you. I know myself along with most of my fellow students had trouble with the first few chapters, but in the end it got a lot better. The book was well written and flowed very smoothly. It worked itself up to a great climax and surprisingly amazing ending. I thought the book was kind of "blah" until Book The Third. So much action and drama collided with each other such as Miss Pross "The Boss" killing Madame Defarge, both of which were key characters. Or when Sydney Carton has his "spiritual awakening" and takes his own life so that Charles Darnay may live happily with his wife, Lucie, and his daughter. The last 4 chapters are probably the most exciting part of the book to me, which may have been why they were the easiest to read and comprehend. This book is a good book overall and I'd rate it a solid 8. I strongly believe that this book is good for students to learn how they should read more difficult books. For example: How fast you should read, how long you should read, where you should read, how you should read, what notes to take, or if you need outside resources to help you along the way.