A Tale of Two Cities Study Questions for Book the Third

52.  Why is Darnay arrested? Where is he taken? By whose orders?

He is an emigrant aristocrat.  He is taken to LaForce prison by Defarge’s orders.

53.  What insight does Charles’ imprisonment give him?

He understands why Dr. Manette made shoes.

54.  What surprises Mr. Lorry in chapter 2?

Mr. Lorry is surprised when Lucie and Dr. Manette arrive in Paris.

55.  What does Dr. Manette try to do?

Dr. Manette tries to help Charles get out of prison.

56.  What gruesome scene does Mr. Lorry keep Lucie from seeing?

The gruesome scene they avoid is watching the peasants sharpen their weapons

of murder on the grindstone.

57.  Why did Mr. Lorry find different lodgings for the Manettes?

He found different lodgings for the Manettes because he wanted to protect

the bank.

58.  Who brought the message from Dr. Manette to Lorry?  What was it?

Defarge brought a message Dr. Manette to Mr. Lorry. The note said that Charles

was safe and there is hope.

59.  How did Lucie react to Mme. Defarge?

Lucie begged Madame Defarge to have pity, but she was rebuffed.  Lucie becomes


60.  Why is Mme. Defarge so unsympathetic?

Madame Defarge is unsympathetic because she has seen so many other mothers

and children killed by the aristocracy.

61.  What information was concealed from Lucie?

The information concealed from Lucie is that there had been a murderous raid on

the prison.

62.  How has Dr. Manette changed?

Dr. Manette changes in that he finds strength and purpose in his mission to help


63.  How much time has elapsed since Charles was sent to prison?

In Chapter four, Charles has been in prison for one year. By the time of his trial, he

has been in prison for 15 months (1 year and 3 months).

64.  What are the conditions in France now?

The conditions in France are wild.  The people have gone nearly insane (Reign

of Terror).

65.  What fear does Lucie have on page 272? Do you think she’s right?

Lucie fears the wood-sawyer is a spy for the Defarge’s.

66.  Where does Lucie go everyday?

Everyday Lucie goes to a corner where Charles might see her from the prison.

67.  What is the Carmagnole? Why does it scare Lucie so much?

The Carmagnole is the dance of the revolutionaries; It scares Lucie because the

wood-sawyer is in the dance.

68.  For what reasons is Charles released?

Charles is released from prison because he relinquished his inheritance and was

married to the daughter of a patriot.

69.  What was the crowd’s response to the acquittal?

The crowd cheered at news of Charles’s acquittal.

70.  Why didn’t the family leave paris as soon as Charles was released?

The family did not leave right away because it was dangerous and would look

suspicious. They needed to have the proper papers to travel safely.

71.  Why is Charles re-arrested?

Charles is re-arrested because he has been denounced by three people.

72.  Who do Miss Pross and Jerry meet while they are shopping?

Miss Pross and Jerry meet Solomon Pross (Miss Pross’s brother) while they are


73.  What does Carton reveal about Solomon Pross?

Carton reveals that Solomon Pross is using a fake name – John Barsad.  He was

once employed by the English and now by Fran, which makes him appear to be a


74.  What was buried in Roger Cly’s coffin?

Paving stones were buried in Roger Cly’s coffin.

75.  Where does Solomon work?

Solomon now works as the turnkey at LaForce prison.

76.  What deal does Carton make with Solomon/Barsad?

Carton makes a deal with Solomon/Barsad to be admitted once to Darnay’s cell.

77.  Does Carton reveal his plans to anyone.

Carton does not reveal his plan to anyone. However, Mr. Lorry may infer what he

is going to do.

78.  Why do you think he bought the drugs from the chemist?

He bought the drugs from the chemist so he could drug Darnay and change

places with him.

79.  What three people have denounced (accused) Darnay?

The three people who have denounced Darnay are both the Defarges and Dr.


80.  Summarize Dr. Manette’s letter.

Doctor Manette’s letter states that he was called to tend a raving peasant girl and

her dying brother.  The brother revealed how his sister’s husband had been

worked to death by the Evremondes, the sister raped, the father dead of shock. 

When Manette tried to report the mistreatment to the authorities, he was thrown in

prison on orders of the Marquis Evremonde.


81.  Do you think the situation is hopeless? Will Charles die? Maybe

82.  Does Charles blame Dr. Manette for the letter?

Charles does not blame Dr. Manette.

83.  What does Sydney Carton whisper to Lucie? What do you think he means?

Carton whispers to Lucie, “A life you love.” He means she will have a happy life

once again with the man that she loves.

84.  What does Mme. Defarge find curious about Carton?

Madame Defarge thinks Carton looks very much like Charles.

85.  What special reason does she have for wanting Charles to die?

She is the surviving sister of the peasant family spoken of in Dr. Manette’s letter.

86.  Who else is in danger?

Lucie, little Lucie, and even Dr. Manette are in danger.

87.  How has Dr. Manette handled the announcement of Charles’ impending death?

He is looking for his shoemaking tools again.

88.  What instructions does Carton give Mr. Lorry?

He tells them to leave the instant he jumps in the carriage.

89.  Do you find it strange that Charles never thought of Carton when he was writing his


Yes, usually you ask your bestfriend to look after your loved ones in your


90.  Explain Carton’s plan for Charles to escape.

Carton and Charles will exchange clothes.  Carton will drug Charles to make it

appear he fainted.  Charles (masquerading as Carton) will be carried out of the


91.  What is the significance of the seamstress who is also going to the Guillotine?

She sees Carton as a hero and knows nothing else about him.

92.  What humor does Dickens add at this very tense point in the novel?

Jerry Cruncher insists on Miss Pross hearing his two vows – to give up his grave-

robbing and not to interfere with his wife’s praying.

93.  Why did Mme. Defarge come to Lucie’s house?

Madame Defarge came to Lucie’s house to kill her.

94.  What did Miss Pross do? Was she justified?

Miss Pross shot Madame Defarge and she was justified.

95.  Does anyone, besides Miss Pross, know that Mme. Defarge is dead?

No, The Vengeance is trying to figure out why she is not at the execution of


96.  Explain: “Crush humanity out of shape once more, under similar hammers, and it will

twist itself into the same tortured forms.”

Dickens is saying that revolution is always the result of exploiting people.

97.  Do you think Carton died with a peaceful heart? Why? Yes