A Tale of Two Cities Study Questions for Book the First

1.       Who are the “Woodsman” and the “Farmer”?

          The Woodsman is fate, and the farmer is death.

   2.    What do you think the “certain movable framework” is?

          The guillotine

   3.    What is the mood of Chapter 2?

          The mood is tense and foreboding.

   4.    What do you think the phrase “recalled to life” means?

          Someone is getting another chance at life.

   5.    Does the author feel humans trust one another?

          No, he feels that they do not trust each other.

   6.    Describe Jerry Cruncher.

          He has close-together black eyes, a sinister expression, and spiky black hair

          around a bald crown.

   7.    What could “buried alive for 18 years” mean besides the literal and impossible?

          Someone hidden away for eighteen years.

   8.    Explain what happened to Lucie when she was a small child.

          She was taken from France to England and not told her father was in prison.

   9.    Who is Miss Pross?

          Lucie’s guardian

10.    What symbolic meaning is there in the spilled wine?

          It is symbolic of the spilled blood and the frenzy with the approach of the


11.    What is the Jacquerie?

          It is the secret revolutionary society.

12.    In what activity is Mm. Defarge constantly engaged?

          She is always knitting.

13.    What is Lucie’s reaction to her father?

          She feels great compassion and love for him.

14.     Does Dr. Manette want to be recalled to life?

He is not sure at this point.  He is in shock.